Sneak Preview: Carbon Fiber Decal for Dualshock4

As you may or may not know, there is a way to add some flair those plain black Dualshock4’s. This is one of those ways.

Photo Jul 03, 11 40 01 AM

FlamingToast has become known for offering light bar decals that can be customized with a picture, name, or design of your choosing; or you can choose from their large selection of pre made designs. Now, they are offering a decal for the face of the Dualshock4 and one that will cover your entire PS4 and give it a great retro look. I take a special look at an item FlamingToast has in the works, and would love to share with the world.

Photo Jul 03, 12 00 31 PM

What I have here is a carbon fiber decal that covers the main areas on the face of the Dualshock4, and comes with a matching decal for the light bar. I had previously purchased a custom light bar decal with my PSN name in a font of my choosing, and was very pleased with the fit and finish. This carbon fiber set does not disappoint one bit. The decal has a very nice texture to it and is definitely of a high quality. All FlamingToast products are safe for the controllers, can be taken off, and reapplied without any troubles or sticky residue. I’ve owned decals and skins for many electronics in the past and this is the best I’ve encountered.

Photo Jul 03, 11 48 21 AM

The fit is so precise, it makes it easier to be applied and takes away the margin of error on your part. Even if things get misaligned during installation, (it will happen) you can easily peel it off and start over without a problem. As I tend to be quite particular and slightly OCD about these sort of applications, I am very happy with how it turned out without having to spend forever trying to get everything to fit just right.

Photo Jul 03, 12 01 34 PM

Some of you may be worried about the decal on the Dualshock4’s touchpad… don’t be. My initial thought was probably the same as yours, “Wouldn’t that hinder the usability of the touchpad?” The answer is, no it really doesn’t. I give credit to both Sony and FlamingToast on great quality and design of their products. On top of looking great, the decals actually protect your precious controllers from the normal wear you’d find around the buttons. Did I mention they are reusable? I see these decals out-lasting a controller, and can be transferred to a new one without a problem.

Photo Jul 03, 12 03 43 PM

The only bad thing I have to say about this decal is this: it’s not available for sale. If you want to add “yet” to the end of that sentence I suggest you contact FlamingToast (info below) and let them know you need this in your life. While you’re at it, take a look on their website at all the other products they are offering and you just might find something you need to hold you over until the carbon fiber is available. (Side note: the light bar decal is currently available, just not the controller decals)

Photo Jul 03, 11 57 31 AM

Huge thanks to Dave at FlamingToast for sending this kit and letting me get my hands on it before the public. You can listen to the podcast in which I briefly talk about this decal set here: | @ToastyStickers | | (913)78TOAST

by: Josh Brucculeri 7.19.2014

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