GCL 87: Big News and Exciting Times


The guys are back! Another month has come and gone but so much has happened. Zach has exciting life news, Josh went on his (delayed) honeymoon (which he totally didn’t talk about), and Cole has some fun new updates as well. DotD is a classic that everyone can enjoy, so you don’t want to miss that. Enjoy some unusual hilarity as the guys are podcasting at a different time and that brings about a goofy aura for the recording. Hope you are enjoying the new and improved video version on YouTube. Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, and Share. Cheers!


We are hoping to get back into a good rhythm after being stagnant during the holidays so allow us to stretch out our production muscles and get back into shape. Stay posted on Twitter to know what’s going on and how you can ingest more GCL content to come. We are still excited about our graphics partnership! DJKiditch (@Djkiditch1 on twitter) has graciously offered his services and is our graphics and effects designer. You may have noticed our sleek new overlay on the video version of the podcast.

Welcome to #GCLFam.


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Josh: @_brucculeri
Cole: @colepenrice
Zach: @GCL_Zach



DJ on Twitter


About GameCalledLifePodcast

Josh, Cole, and Zach talk about video games and life. Always something new and interesting to talk about. Sometimes it's serious, funny, or just plain interesting. They do have friends and sometimes they appear as guests on the podcast as well. Find them on twitter to interact and become part of the podcast. @GCLPodcast Josh: @_brucculeri Cole: @colepenrice Zach: @GCL_Zach
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